First blog post

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Nothing Missing!!!!!

I believe I was at a Clemson game. Minding my own business with my kids. My youngest daughter noticed a little girl with long pigtails looking in our direction. So I believe my daughter spoke first “Hi!” with a big smile. The little girl says “Hey.” Then, I am assuming, her mom and dad turn to smile and say “Hey”. I smile my big full smile and speak too “Hello!” The little girl looked with big wide eyes and two missing front teeth and says “Mommy…Daddy… she was missing a tooth too!” I, at this point, am rolling! (laughing very hard). One because she obviously didn’t know what a gap was and two because I was a bit embarrassed.

Later on, I started thinking I love me, my gap is who I am. When people say something about “Kiki”, that’s my nickname, I always add the one with the gap. If there is something that stands out about you, embrace it love it, it’s how God created you. In the Bible Genisis 1:27 it says we are made in his image. God is perfect, so you know we have to be made great. I have a gap, I am not missing anything. I am a full and perfect Queen and I love me!

The Purge

So with it being the middle of summer, I felt purging some household items should go into effect! Immediately.

With Friday being my wind-down day, I did everything minimum. Saturday began very renew and fresh. My bedroom was actually completed two weekends prior. My living room the week after and my biggest project, my kitchen was this weekend. After watching hours of “Clutterbug”, “At Home With Nikki”, and “A Bowl Full Of Lemons” all Youtubers; I came up with my own rendition of each. It was a bit of a struggle because I am very visual. I had to stop and replay several sections of each video over and over again. I truly feel it all came together nicely. Although there are several adjustments I will make when money allows. All of the Still-in-good-condition items went straight to the Goodwill. I found a second mixer for cakes, never been opened. There were several other cooking gadgets I plan to break out soon and trust me I can not wait.

Some More Things I Want My Kids to Know

To My Babies:

I want to leave you all a very important message. Pay your Tithes Always!!! I will explain why right now. I think I will do so in list form… It just feels right.

  • It is not for God, it is a test for you. God doesn’t need your money. The Lord has entrusted it to you. Now he wants to know if you trust him to take care of you.
  • Some people question if you should Tithe a tenth of your Net or Gross. Net- The amount you bring home. Gross- The amount you actually make before anyone takes anything out. This is a personal decision, left completely up to you. How much do you trust God? My personal thoughts on this are I want to give God my best; 10% of my Gross.
  • How to find 10% of your earnings:
    1. Find the Net or Gross Amount on your check stub.
    2. Find the decimal point that separates the Cents from Dollars.
    3. Move that placement over to the Left once.
  • When or where you can pay your Tithes is completely up to your pay schedule. Ex. If you get paid weekly, you can pay weekly. Bi-weekly or monthly. Just pay so accordingly.
  • * Okay everything I said up until now has been things I was taught or learned from experience. This last thing is more the business side of things. If something were to happen, and I pass. Because I joined the church, I paid my Tithes, I am able to be buried at my plot and not have to pay the church to be buried. This is one less bill for my loved ones ( you all). That is why the family says to become a member somewhere. There are more technical things behind the scenes. I just summed it up.

*Mommy loves you but God loves you more.*

The Things I Want My Kids To Know

Today’s Things I want my kids to know is the most important subject of all, God. If my children don’t listen to anything else or read any more of my Blogs I pray that they see this one. Faith is what will make you put one foot in front of the other when you want to give up;  Faith in God is where your strength comes from.

Yesterday started out pretty good. Actually, it started in the months before which were very hard for me. We suffered through a big loss. It devastated the whole family and I held on to it when I thought I had let it go. Up until May 22 ( yesterday) I had an break through where I was tired of being angry. It effected everyone around me, especially in the household. When I opened my eyes to what was happening I chose to change my attitude. I chose to have Faith in God again when I did not know it was withered.

I began my day as normal getting myself ready, fixed my coffee, then woke you kids. I got to work on time and there were no problems there. I actually found out that we may receive overtime after the holidays, great! Then the fun part. On my way home my car immediately went hot and started smoking! Ugh, I thought. I wanted to get mad and upset but because I have to turn a new leaf and have Faith I took that hit. Let me add I just took care of the bills and only had a few dollars to my name to last us the next two weeks. I refuse to Allow this test to deter me from something better for us so, Again, I chose to remain with Faith things will get better.

I want you all to know that things are not always going to go perfect all the days of your life. You will have amazing days and very awful days but keep faith that things are happening for a reason. This is just a test and to pass you have to be level headed. Be good to people even when they do you wrong. There is a thing as Karma, what goes around comes around. Make sure that what you send out is good so your come around is better.

Mommy loves you

The things I want my kids to know.

My children are very important to me. I do feel that they are a gift that I was special and lucky enough to receive. I actually introduced my children in an earlier post.

I have struggled with content these last few months since starting. I heard somewhere I needed to go back to the beginning and share my passion. This is where my children come in. Just thinking about them, I wondered if something ever happened what exactly would I want them to know. What would I hope they learned from their mom’s talks, and nagging.

I will be talking about in detail, every few weeks, every thing I need for my children to know; “tools” that helped me become the person I am today. Any thing from God, to family and everything in between. Stay tuned, what I want to tell my children may become talking topics for you and your family.

GOD Bless

Little Big Town

National Champions

Clemson Tigers had a great run, but this past season was very heart breaking! Nevertheless we did very good and tried hard, and for that I am proud to be a fan!

As we ride through town today, I gase up at the stoplight, I see a sign that read “Ring Week”. I’m sure there are tons of families coming in to enjoy this day. I would like to say welcome. I am only a neighbour and far from being a student, but your child will be my child’s teacher one day, Thank you. My Doctor. My Developer of a computer system. Your child could build my business or home. So for that I want to personally say welcome to Clemson and Thank you for the help of improving our community.


They say practice makes perfect, I am doing just that. In every book or webinar, I always hear to do things such as plan and never give up on your dreams. I intend to create a map to greatness starting with practice. One of my neighbors allowed me to do so on her. My braid pattern was of one I seen in YouTube and I feel it worked well. The shorter Havana Twist hair was a very good choice because she did not want the hair to be too long and heavy and her color choice went great with her complexion. I don’t have great camera skills but the pictures I took did justice. Below are pictures, if you see something I could have done bettter or different please comment below. This is a learning process for me, so no rude comments please. Thanks for reading today’s post. Also catch me later on this week I will have more posts to come.

Ephesians 5:20

Give Thanks always for all things.

This is “me”

This is my very first blog, so with that being said, I wanted to introduce myself to those who know me not. That very handsome and debonair man beside me is my Husband. We shall call him Mr. Best. We met and dated afew years back and were married the very next year. Yes that quick. Everyday together is so worth it. I birthed 4 children and he has 3. Together we are obviously perfect. ( The number 7=4+3)

I always have a love for doing things with my hands. At the age of 12 I learned to braid hair, which bring me here today. I want people to read along and to know how I overcame obstacles, never stopped growing, learning and hopefully you will be able to see my finished product. A fully established business.

This is not the only reason for starting a blog. I wanted to try being open and since I like to write so much I figured why not Blog??? This is truly first of many layers of me so stay tuned folks I’m just getting started!