First blog post

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They say practice makes perfect, I am doing just that. In every book or webinar, I always hear to do things such as plan and never give up on your dreams. I intend to create a map to greatness starting with practice. One of my neighbors allowed me to do so on her. My braid pattern was of one I seen in YouTube and I feel it worked well. The shorter Havana Twist hair was a very good choice because she did not want the hair to be too long and heavy and her color choice went great with her complexion. I don’t have great camera skills but the pictures I took did justice. Below are pictures, if you see something I could have done bettter or different please comment below. This is a learning process for me, so no rude comments please. Thanks for reading today’s post. Also catch me later on this week I will have more posts to come.

Ephesians 5:20

Give Thanks always for all things.

This is “me”

This is my very first blog, so with that being said, I wanted to introduce myself to those who knew me not. That very handsome and debonair man beside me is my Husband. We shall call him Mr. Best. We met and dated afew years back and were married the very next year. Yes that quick. Everyday together is so worth it. I birthed 4 children and he has 3. Together we are obviously perfect. ( The number 7=4+3)

I always have a love for doing things with my hands. At the age of 12 I learned to braid hair, which bring me here today. I want people to read along and to know how I overcame obstacles, never stopped growing, learning and hopefully you will be able to see my finished product. A fully established business.